Enjoy you new life. Look only for the right clothes. Don’t settle for less. Choose only items that fit you perfectly. That help you enjoy your pregnancy. In fact, so good that you’d love2wait for your baby to get born. We love to help you with it. To enjoy it more. COZ' YOU'RE MORE!

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    As per Autumn 2017 we have started with the delivery of products made from certified organic cotton. You’ll find products in luxury organic cotton, like beautifully-made organic cotton (nursing) shirts (which are shirts with short-and long sleeves) in various models in the Love2wait collection. We have also luxury shirts available  with beautiful crochet-and/or lace details.  Besides tops we also offer (nursing) dresses in luxurious organic cotton and of course basics too, like tanktops and a legging. The product are super soft and really comfortable to wear! We have also launched the sustainable jeans! These jeans are sustainable and also look stylish. So why not start today with a pair of sustainable jeans?