Enjoy you new life. Look only for the right clothes. Don’t settle for less. Choose only items that fit you perfectly. That help you enjoy your pregnancy. In fact, so good that you’d love2wait for your baby to get born. We love to help you with it. To enjoy it more. COZ' YOU'RE MORE!

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    SOPHIA wanted to be famous. 

    Her life is too good to be true. She can do whatever she wants, has the money for it and she loves to shop, so her money is well spend. She’s adorable and men love her. Her parents worry too much about her but even though she’s a bit naughty she’s not stupid. She always laughs at the remarks of her father. Aahhh, he should know what a great life she lives. 


    During her younger years Sophia was sweet and everybody’s favorite girl. She was always the centre of the universe. She got used to the attention which was the main reason she wanted to be famous. Excactly, was… because something happened on the way to heaven.  Another star hit her path and now she’s pregnant. And her life is upside down. Actually it was for a while. But now she’s used to the thought that she will be a mother. There’s only one problem left. Her body is upside down too. her butt is bigger, her boobies look like bazooka’s and her belly… never mind that. But her changing body is not the real problem, she will cope with that after the baby is born. The main thing is that she’s worried about how she looks. Because of all the clothes she can’t wear anymore. And that silly standard maternity clothing will make her look even more pregnant than she would like to. Which is the reason for her to get this pregnancy over and done with as soon as possible.



    But that was yesterday. Today is another day. Today she found the right denim for her. Yeah, a pregnancy denim. Can you imagine, a fashionable denim for pregnant women? Well, Sophia found one. And it fits her amazingly well. She also found tops that’s fit her perfectly! and now she’s enjoying her pregnancy more than ever.  In fact, she loves to wait because she realizes that this is one of the most fantastic periods in her life.


    Thanks to the one denim that changed her life.