Enjoy you new life. Look only for the right clothes. Don’t settle for less. Choose only items that fit you perfectly. That help you enjoy your pregnancy. In fact, so good that you’d love2wait for your baby to get born. We love to help you with it. To enjoy it more. COZ' YOU'RE MORE!

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    YEAH, mom and dad, here I am...


    After a lot of practicing and waiting on your side I am finally here. But I gotta warn you: I am gonna mess up your life! Because I want all your attention, I want a lot of food, I shit a lot, I am gonna embarrass you because I burp shamelessly and I want to sleep most of the time because I am gonna wake you up when I can! You think
    I am cute but I am not. Not really. Not in my first 6 months. I am gonna cry a lot, you just don’t know why I do it. You want me to laugh but I just don’t know how to do it. You want me to talk but I really don’t like to, especially when you keep talking stupid to me…

    But, there is always a but, I want to make a deal with you. If you help me, I will start making silly sounds. I don’t want clothes anymore with those silly things on it. They annoy me. I am a no-nonsense kind of baby! And I really don’t want to wear those old-fashioned things because I am hip, in case you don’t know! So just get me some B*E*S*S wear. I really like them because it’s basic and hip! And it’s also good for you: it’s value for money! So if you help me, I will help you. The least I can do is I’ll try to grow up…