Enjoy you new life. Look only for the right clothes. Don’t settle for less. Choose only items that fit you perfectly. That help you enjoy your pregnancy. In fact, so good that you’d love2wait for your baby to get born. We love to help you with it. To enjoy it more. COZ' YOU'RE MORE!

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    A musthave for every (pregnant) woman!

    At this moment, this beautiful multi-functional coat is already available at all of our stores.You can wear this camel colored coat before, during and after you pregnancy. Due to the removable parts, the coat is easy to adjust. 

    Just a little belly?

    Remove the parts and save it for when your stomach has grown a little more.

    A little further in your pregnancy?

    Place the removable parts in the coat so your belly will fit perfectly.
    With the belt you can accentuate your beautiful pregnant belly even more.

    After your pregnancy?

    Wear the coat without the removable parts for a well fitted coat.


    Do you want to carry your little one near you? Wear the coat with the removable parts, there will be more than enough space and you little one will be carried warmly