Enjoy you new life. Look only for the right clothes. Don’t settle for less. Choose only items that fit you perfectly. That help you enjoy your pregnancy. In fact, so good that you’d love2wait for your baby to get born. We love to help you with it. To enjoy it more. COZ' YOU'RE MORE!

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    BURP EAT SHIT SLEEP; The basic activities of your newborn!
    Yeah! A new basic elements collection of the trendy and super comfortable newborn brand B * E * S * S!
    The perfect fit combined with the beautiful calm colors; pink, blue, grey and white, provide a powerful collection which you just have to have. The prints creates just that funny detail making it really trendy styles.

    Examples of the texts: Powered by Milk, Crazy Little Thing (called me) and No Sleep. The collection has been in stores for three months now and we are getting many lovely responses.

    We received the following response on Social Media: 



    Crazy Little Thing (called me) ... "Great fun! My daughter is just as enthusiastic as her mum, so that text is great, fun! ".

    The value for money makes these items true must-haves for the wonders of all newly born miracles. Super as a gift, but also great as a first outfit for your newborn! Do you not know if you are excepting a boy or girl? BESS also has a lot of unisex items! With the unisex items from the Basic Elements collection you are literally "in the clouds". We sell all items in sizes 50 to 74.
    SHIRTS, PANTS, DRESSES, SUITS .... and more is coming! In the short term, the collection will be complemented with matching hats and leggings.

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